Belle Mode Reve is the embodiment of the adjective ‘Ladylike’. While sophistication lays at the heart of the brand, elegance and exclusivity is a promise for the woman daring enough to embrace this collection. This definitive women's wear brand offers it‘s customers timeless luxury garments that allude heritage and character. Irene Awosika, creator of this unique brand, discovered a niche in high-end luxury fashion with a high street price tag and fused this ideology into the design of Belle Mode Reve (also known as BMR). French Essence, the title given to her remarkable collection, was launched earlier this year to headline Belle Mode Reve’s Spring / Summer clothing. Designer Irene, believes her collection has a ‘show stopping effect’ and we’re inclined to agree as her collection continues to impress long after the buzz of its highly anticipated release. BMR’s French Essence collection consists of tapered trousers with two matching blazer jackets, maxi dresses and midi dresses tailored to fit the female figure. Although Belle Mode Reve’s bespoke services have been available since 2010, when the brand was established, their garments are available for purchase online today!


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